Friday morning it started sleeting + then turned to snow + then ice:


We played for a little bit + Zac made vegetable meat stew that was sooooo GOOD!!!  I love having a man that likes to cook + is really good at it.  I cleaned the house a little while he cooked + then we snuggled + relaxed on the couch.  We thought we might get snowed/iced in without power, but thank goodness that didn't happen.  That night we actually had to get out in it for about 4 hours because Zac's mom was out of power + needed help.  The roads weren't too bad + some places were even open in Germantown.

The next night we went to The Bayou for two of our friends birthday party.  Everyone was trying not to slip on the ice, it was funny :]  We went to Celtic Crossing after that for some drinks + dancing.  Zac + I met there + he mouthed "I love you" there for the first time :]  So cute.  Haha.


  (my face seems so much skinnier or is that just me? I've lost 5.8 lbs, 4.8% now.  Don't think I have a chance to win the competition but oh well.  I'm trying The Eat Clean Diet-Cooler 1 plan for the last week + a 1/2 but it's soooooo HARD!!!)


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