The weekend flew by

This past...


Emmie, mom + I went to "My Big Backyard" @ Memphis Botanic Garden (see last post).  Here are some pics:


I would love to live in a house like this☺


I love bottle trees!  When I have a house, I want one in the backyard ;]

IMG_2825 copy 

Swinging in the "rain":



Zac + I went downtown to the art trolley tour on s. main.  I got a cute scarf + shirt @ American Apparel.  Here's the circle scarf (these are really in for fall):


We just walked around + went in galleries.  Saw the brush your teeth show:

Brush teeth 

and the Horn of Plenty, MCA Horn Island Alumni Reflect and Remember, 1985-2009  show.

We rode the trolley to Circa + had an amazing dinner: proscuitto wrapped asparagus; crawfish beignets; pork tenderloin medallions; sesame crusted ahi tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes, seaweed salad, soy-ginger beurre blanc; and bananas foster soufflé with vanilla gelato and warm caramel-rum sauce.  Yum!!!

Then walked back to SOB (south of beale) and had drinks.


Zac + I rode part of the tour de wolf at Shelby Farms.  It was too hot for me, haha :]  and I'm just getting back into it, but Zac was such a sweetheart staying with me + making sure I was ok ;]

After riding, we ate at Deli Mexicana (Las Tortugas).  Zac fell in love :]  I love that place too.  It has the best, authentic mexican tacos/sandwiches and fresh fruit drinks (I got hibiscus + Zac got watermelon).  Fire!!!

That night we (Zac + I) had dinner w/ William + his girlfriend Hallie at Rain and then went to Wimbleton to watch kickboxing + mma fights.  It was lots of fun.  I've never seen anything like that in person.  Then we had drinks at Dan McGuinness.  I got grape vodka with sprite- it was really good!!!


I had brunch with Zac, his dad, dad's g-friend, brother + brother's friend @ Interim.  I didn't know they had sunday brunch.  I had french toast + it was really good.

Then mom + I went to the Dixon to see Beth Edward's (my college professor) show.  This was my favorite painting in the show:


 "Happy Day", 32X38", 2007, Oil on Canvas

The nose is unbelievable in person + so are the eyes + couch.  Photos do not do it justice.

I saw this one in progress + fell in love (not in the show):


"Fall", 14X19", 2008, Oil on Canvas

And...I saw this one hanging on her wall a while ago + wanted it so bad (not in the show either)!!!  The lips are great!!!:


"Lost 1", 38"X32", 2006, Oil on Canvas

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