Happy Thursday!!!

Feels like a Friday to me b/c today is my last day of work before I go to Ft. Lauderdale w/ Zac♥ for a long labor day weekend.  I can't wait!!!  So excited. 

I found this photographer (Tec Petaja [blog]) on Southern Weddings blog.  His work is amazing!!!:

Blow blow Pics on trees Quilt love

I tried VersaSpa last night @ Palm Beach Tan.  It was easy to breathe + all open.  They even have a heater so you don't get cold.  I have a tan line from the bracelet I kept on.  I feel a lot darker, but natural.  I liked it better than the MyMist/Mystic.

I read about this on Elsie's blog.  It's so fun to play with photo filters + this one you don't even have to have photoshop.  Here's some I made:

So much2 Double glider

I hope everyone has a wonderful labor day weekend ;]  I know I will :]


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