Happy Friday!!!

Yesterday at lunch mom + I took Emmie (my niece) to My Big Backyard at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  We had a picnic + played.  Mom said I enjoyed it more than Emmie (i think so too).


People always ask how do you find that music? Well...I usually say I don't know...it just sorta finds me.  Today I was listening to SIRIXMU and the guest blogger radio person was Aquarium Drunkard.  They played some really cool, funky stuff.  You can check it out here along with their free summer mix.  I also love music on My Old Kentucky Blog.  It rocks.

Plans for tonight???

Art Trolley tour, dinner + cheesecake @ the Cheesecake Corner-yum!!! on South Main...  I'm going with this sexy man ☺ :


♥ wanna make ur own poladriod???

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