"I'm begging slow 'cause I'm coming here...
I wanted to stay
I wanted to play
I wanted to love you" (DMB #41)

Zac + I playing around @ the airport in MEM...we were EXCITED!!! :]

Until our flight got delayed, which made us miss our next flight to Fort Lauderdale, + we realized Air Tran sucks!!!  We eventually made it around 1:30 AM.  After the crazy car rental place (p.s. we got a highlander [my car]) + me yelling "I've got a migraine + do you want me to drive (b/c Zac wasn't used to the brakes, haha)" in the car (which I still get made fun of for)... etc we made it to bed around 4 AM.

So happy

The next day we woke up pretty late...Zac + I grabbed lunch @ Smith & Jonesbefore his golf tournament ("Martini Classic") started.  Shannon (Zac's Dad [Dan's] girlfriend) + I stayed at home + helped make some trophies.  It started storming + then...the power went out.  So...we were stuck @ the house with no power + no car.  Shannon was starving + I showed her how to light the gas stove.  She called me a girl scout haha :]  We had some fun fighting with the FPL people.  Then I took a nap for about 3 hours + got ready for our night out.


We ate dinner overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway @ Pelican Landing + then went to The Elbo Room:

DSC02061 DSC02063 copy

Before we went home, we went for a romantic walk on the beach.  The moonlight hitting the ocean was beautiful + all the lights from A1A:


The next day Zac + I had lunch @ Spazio(overlooking the beach) before he played golf again.  Shannon, Anna (Shannon's friend) + I went shopping after that @ The Galleria + Las Olas Boulevard.  That night they had people over + cooked fajitas + had the awards ceremony.  Zac won 3rd place!!!  Go baby!!!   This is a view from Zac's Dad's dock (so awesome!!!):


We went up to the sun deck/roof that night.  It was so beautiful!!!  You could see downtown lights + the water.  There was a breeze + it was super romantic.  Magic:


The next day I got to spend the whole day with Zac!  Yay!!!  We had breakfast at Victoria Park Diner.  Then we went shopping at BC Surf & Sport (awesome!!!).  Zac + I both got some cool sunglasses (in photo below).  I got some Volcom t's, shorts + a dress.  We also went to Utrecht (awesome art store).  Zac said I was super happy going through all the supplies.  I was totally stoked.  There's nothing better than really awesome art stores.  I love the smells too.  I can't wait to play with my new pencils, pens, ink + watercolors!!! Sweetness.  Then it was time to get back to the house b/c the Memphis vs. Ole Miss game was starting.  After the game we went to dinner @ Wild East:


Then we went to the W Hotel + Whiskey Blue (so cool).  This is taken from the rooftop:


Then we went to some bars downtown.  One had a really good band :]  They played DMB #41 (my fav) + Zac + I got our dance on :]  We had an awesome night!!!

Our last day we went biking on Las Olas to A1A (the beach + shopping) + back.  I REALLY enjoyed that!!!  It was so fun!!!  Here's some pics:

DSC02087 copy

(our new shades...mine are Von Zipper's Rockford + his are Electric's Technician)

DSC02088 DSC02091

(view from the Las Olas draw bridge)


It was so cool riding your bike over the draw bridge because you could see through the floor to the water.  It was kinda creepy, but awesome :]

Then we had lunch at H2O Cafe, overlooking the beach + people watching.  We went back to the house + napped + packed.  Shannon cooked dinner before we had to leave to go to the airport.  We made it just in time for another frazzling journey with Air Tran.  On the way to Memphis we sat in the plane for 30 min. before we could take off.  We made it to Memphis around 1:30 AM with no luggage to be found.  Oh boy!  Then I had work the next day.  Yep, but I did get my luggage the next day.  It didn't disappear into the universe.

It was one of the best trips I've been on.  I really had an amazing time thanks to Zac.  We travel well together + are always having fun + smiling :]  It's great.

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