Dreams come true

Beautiful moon:


I finally took a shot of me + my new camera + camera strap cover I made (luv the fabric!!!):


I turned 26 on Sept. 11.  I have to say this was one of the best birthdays since childhood.  This year something felt different...I didn't put so much pressure on "my birth day".  I just knew it was going to be happy no matter what happened- Z had a lot to do with that.  Maybe it is true that birthdays seem less important as you get older.  I woke up to birthday texts + then I went to work.  Lucille made me feel special- she had balloons, cake + a card for me.  The feeling special didn't stop there...Dad brought me flowers + a card...then, when I was answering the phones, Z's flowers arrived.  I've never had a guy send me flowers at work.  A few months ago I was wondering if that really happened in real life + not just in movies.  After lunch, my mom's delivery of orchids was in my office (stunning).  What a lucky girl ;]

Flowers Z sent me (so beautiful!!!):


My birthday party set up at work (roses from Dad on right):


Orchids Mom sent (please don't let me kill these):


That night Z + I went to Art on Tap at the Dixon (we signed up to be Young At Art members).  We went with Cox + Whit.  Then we ran into Katherine after parking + finally my Mom + Kristen showed up late.  The glasses they give you to taste the beer were really cute + had my birth date on them which was awesome!  We had lots of fun walking around looking at art, sampling beer + eating.  Would you believe that I FORGOT my CAMERA???  When has that ever happened? haha.  Here's the only pic pics I took with my I-phone:

Artontap Photo

After Art on Tap, Kristen, Zac + I went to my mom's + opened gifts + spent the night.  My parents gave me an original Beth Edwards watercolor.  I was so surprised.  I love it!!!  Zac gave me a bracelet + the coolest ring ever (I'll take a pic soon).  Kristen gifted me this gray + white sweater that's totally me.  Mom also gave me some clothes, shoes (cute Uggs!!!) + etc.  I got a new charm (sapphire birthstone) for my waxing poetic necklace from my grandparents:


Sat. night Mom, Zac + I went to Iris for my birthday dinner:

IMG_0292 IMG_0297

Then we went back to the house for cake:

IMG_0300 IMG_0302 IMG_0304

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes + for making it so special!

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