Another perfect day, They keep piling up, I got happiness that I can’t maintain

(lyrics by MONSTERS OF FOLK...gotta check them out if u haven't [i jim james])

I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to blog in 4-EVER!

Sept. 18th (Friday) I met with David Evans @ Underground Art + got to see the drawing of my tattoo.  It looked so good!  He put the stencil on + I knew I wanted it...It already felt like a part of me:

IMG_0387 copy

Sept. 19th (Sat.) Zac, Cox + I went to the Cooper Young Festival...It started to rain so we watched the UT vs. FL game @ Celtic Crossing.  Kristen, Dan, Shannon, Sam + Jared met up with us + then we all walked around some more after the game.  We went to Celtic again!!! haha.  This guy came up to us + told us we were retardedly cute.  Haha.  I LOVE it!!!  Michael met up with us for a bit before we left.  I bought 3 beers to get the super cool Ghost River glass :] 



I love their Hefeweizen... "is a German style of wheat beer in which the yeast is not filtered, giving it a cloudy appearane. The Hefeweizen style is particularly noted for its low hop bitterness and relatively high carbonation, considered important to balance the beer's relatively malty sweetness."  It's so good!

IMG_0388 copyLOMOIMG_0393IMG_0401 copyIMG_0402 copy

We went home to Zac's + changed to go to the Memphis vs. UT Martin game.  Go Tigers!!!:


I my nerdy boys ;]  They make me smile:



Sept. 24th (Wed) Zac + I went to the Silversun Pickups show @ Minglewood Hall.  I had class that night so we were a little late.  We missed Cage the Elephant, but we saw Machester Orchestra + they were awesome (I haven't stopped listening to their cd since).  The lead singer was just hanging outside his tour bus before + after the show.  Walked by him twice :]  Silversun was really good too.


Sept. 26th (Sat.)  I got my tattoo!!!  I was so nervous/excited.  When I first got there I kept saying "David?  Really?  Am I doing this?". Haha.  I tried to act tough before saying pain doesn't bother me, but when it got close I got scared of it.  What was it going to be like?  David said it would "feel like nothing I've ever felt before."  I was thinking ok...great...haha.  He told me to lay down on the cot + my hands started to sweat.  I couldn't believe I was doing it.  Then the machine started...ahh...He told me to relax + he would start slow + gentle.  Zac was so sweet holding my hand + giving me the look that I could do it + it was going to be ok.  Parts were really painful + parts were ok.  It was a rush + kinda fun.  It took a lil over an hour.  I really love it!!!  It's a girl button + a boy button (for Zac).  We both picked out the same 2 exact buttons.  Cute huh?  Here's some pics:

IMG_0406IMG_0418IMG_0408IMG_0412IMG_0474IMG_0467 copy

Sunday Mom, Kacey, Vera + I drove to the country + took some pics:


(more here).

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