the I wannas...

ok...so here's the deal...i first saw this on my friends facebook probably 6 or 7 years ago...i fell in love with it + what he said...his is different now than it was then...but anyways...here's mine...i finally did it :]

  • I wanna dive in. 

  • I wanna always speak the truth. 

  • I wanna be the one. 

  • I wanna laugh til I cry. 

  • I wanna be in love with nothing less. 

  • I wanna know he’s out there + find him. 

  • I wanna make you lose your mind. 

  • I wanna get a tattoo. 

  • I wanna forget. 

  • I wanna be true to myself. 

  • I wanna deserve more. 

  • I wanna make a living doing something creative. 

  • I wanna create. 

  • I wanna believe. 

  • I wanna move. 

  • I wanna go camping + star gazing. 

  • I wanna fly away. 

  • I wanna be you + me forever. 

  • I wanna lose 20 lbs. 

  • I wanna amaze + surprise you. 

  • I wanna be unique. 

  • I wanna get married. 

  • I wanna be a great mom to a little girl or twins (one boy, one girl). 

  • I wanna have no regrets. 

  • I wanna travel + go to as many places on the 1,000 places to see before you die list. 

  • I wanna watch the sun set overlooking the Grand Canyon. 

  • I wanna drive cross-county in an Airstream. 

RoadTrip_webmap Airstream

  • I wanna be taken care of. 

  • I wanna be your baby blue. 

  • I wanna change the world for you. 

  • I wanna live life to the fullest. 

  • I wanna take a little ride. 

  • I wanna be exactly what you need. 

  • I wanna let go + not hold back. 

  • I wanna stop judging myself. 

  • I wanna believe in magic + destiny. 

  • I wanna be taken off guard. 

  • I wanna experience new things. 

  • I wanna receive love letters. 

  • I wanna be patient + understanding. 

  • I wanna be appreciated. 

  • I wanna have a good heart. 

  • I wanna always see the good in life. 

  • I wanna be peaceful. 

  • I wanna fall in love as much as possible. 

  • I wanna get letters + missives carried by conventional postal delivery services. 

Ups  Letters

  • I wanna have a pen pal. 

  • I wanna finish what I start. 

  • I wanna do a triathlon. 

  • I wanna go to Bora Bora on my honeymoon. 

  • I wanna make lots of lists + complete them. 

  • I wanna hold hands. 

  • I wanna have my heart melted lots!!! 

  • I wanna be picked over all the other girls. 

  • I wanna swing. 

  • I wanna kiss in the rain. 

  • I wanna slow dance. 

  • I wanna fulfill my dreams. 


  1. I love this idea, I've always wanted a pen pal, too. I remember having one as a kid. I love getting mail, as long as it's not bills.

  2. Thank you Brie. I had fun making this list :) I agree with you about getting mail except for bills, haha! Thanks for visiting my blog!