Stormy Outside, Stormy Inside

Friday Kim (my sis-in-law) + her friend Carrie came in town to see Keith Urban.  We met them for dinner at Sole.  On the way downtown the storms came...At least dinner was amazing!!!

Saturday mom + I went to Arlington, TN.  We wanted to check out this antique store:


We didn't get anything, but I saw this cool sewing table w/ machine:


I should have taken a picture of the whole inside.  It was 3 stories with crazy wood wraparound banisters on the second floor.  This was on the third floor:


There was also an old gin mill that looked interesting:


Sunday was Kacey's 6th birthday!  Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Kacey!  Yesterday Three Dog Bakery was closed, so I am going to take her there tonight (and Vera too).  She likes the pupcakes + anything soft.


Still trying to figure some things out...this past week has been tough for both of us.  All I know is I love him + that's all I can do.

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