I started this new journal the begining of May.  I told myself I was going to write in it + draw + promise to fill it.  I wrote this a few weeks ago:


I know it's a little tough to read, so here it is:


Sneaks up on you when you least expect it.  Finds a way to surprise you more & more.  Takes you to new places.  Leaves you feeling lost, lonely + sore when it's counterpart leaves.  Unexplainable.  Magical.  Beautiful.  Undescribable.  Makes you want to be a better person & makes you one.  Takes over your thoughts.  Makes you feel alive & can conquer any obstacle.  Painful yet the happiest you have ever been.  Makes being alone even lonlier.  Reveals why you are here & how your life is supposed to be.  Makes you whole.  Cannot be taken away.  Tells a story.  Is only seen by two people.  Has no boundaries.  Felt.  Brings meaning.  The best.  Exciting.  Healing.  Mesmerizing.  The only thing that makes sense, yet doesn't.  Unreal."

Ironic now.


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