Happy Friday :]

Tuesday I left work early to go to St. Louis.  I was very excited for a solo road trip: open road, leaves changing colors, blasting + singing new music (Fleet Foxes, Connor Oberst, Kings of Leon, Ben Folds,etc.), cotton + corn fields, and random gas station stops.  I arrived + checked into my fancy room (courtesy of Toyota :]), then Mr. James Cooper Shelby picked me up.  We haven't seen each other in a WHILE!  We went to dinner, got ice cream, drank weird beer (I had sprite and harp mixed, ehh) at a bar called Growlers, and caught up. 
Wednesday I had to get up early to go to my meeting that was very long winded.  At least we had good food and drinks, haha.  After the meeting I decided to go to the Galleria- I really wanted to shop at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (my *FAVS*)!!!  Well...STL is having major construction right now, and it took my an hour to find it!!!  I went to URBN first, and probably spent a few hours in there just walking around looking at everything.  I saw these books that I want to get:
Love list

Love Listography- "Don't just whisper sweet nothings - write them down in this journal created
especially for romantic list-makers! Including a heart-pounding collection of
list topics, ranging from sweet (favorite love songs, best dates) to
cringe-worthy (relationship pet peeves worst break-ups) to downright naughty
(favorite positions, one-night stands) it's the best place to create an entire
autobiography of la vie en rose. Each list is also accompanied by a hilarious
illustration that will set the perfect mood for a steamy night of list-making.
How do I love thee? Let me list the ways!

 Listography- "List-makers rejoice! This quirky and imaginative guided journal is the ultimate
tool for creating a unique autobiography entirely in list form. Some lists are
obvious (greatest accomplishments, best friends, favorite food), others obscure
(guiltiest pleasures, greatest acts of kindness, personal fashion trends), and
each list is accompanied by hilarious illustrations. Listography
perfect for getting down all the details of a life less ordinary."

And...I got so much cool stuff :]
I was tired of getting lost, so I left once I got up on Thursday.
JCS told me the community he lives in means broken heart, so I did a little research I was curious..."Creve Coeur was one of many unincorporated communities that
grew along the road. Its name, which means broken heart in French, comes from
nearby Creve Coeur Lake. Legend has it that an Indian princess fell in love with
a French fur trapper, but the love was not returned. According to the story, she
then leapt from a ledge overlooking Creve Coeur Lake; the lake then formed
itself into a broken heart."  Pretty cool story to tell if you lived there huh?
Now I'm back home + back to work...but not for long...IT'S FRIDAY!!! YAY!!!  Tonight I am going to see "Waterworks", a watercolor art show, featuring some of my *fav* Memphis artists: Beth Edwards (my teacher), Erin Harmon, and Susan Maakestad @ Memphis College of Art "On The Street" Gallery at 338 S. Main.  Should be a VERY good show!
And..."Nights in Rodanthe" opens tonight!  Can't wait to see it, you know I'm all about the love stories!
I hope everyone has a Happy Friday + a great weekend!  Saturday I am going to my sister's farm!!! Expect some fun pics :]

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