I am so happy there's only about 2 hours left of the work week! :]  Did I ever tell you how much I love work, haha, just kidding. 

Rachel from BLING on my sewing machine asks: What is making life special right now?

Tonight Roger and I are going to go check out a new gallery: Five in One.  They are having STORYTELLING:

"Grimm's Fairytales performed
live behind the stage.
Orators recessed; stage assembled throughout the night.

Three ways to rekindle your childhood,
three paths into the woods.

Once upon an opening,
welcome to the mural factory.

Live muralists paint the horror and whim of Grimm's Fairytales while you watch.

Back painted on glass, the stories of the famous Brothers Grimm come to life in the narrative panes of comic book windows." -five in one


The new Coldplay album: Viva la Vida.  "Lost"; "42"- Those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head, And since I fell for that spell, I am living there as well; "Violet Hill"- If you love me, Won't you let me know, So if you loved me, Why'd you let me go???


The Raconteurs are coming to Memphis at the Cannon Center!!! Yay!  And I got great seats (hopefully).  :]

Saturday Roger and I are going to have a drawing day including the zoo, maybe south main, and maybe some landscapes.  We'll see what all we can fit in.  I am going to bring my Diana + camera and get some lomo shots :]

I am also going to go to Home Depot tonight + get some wood (birch or oak plywood) plus Hobby Lobby + get some clear gesso.  I am planning on experimenting + painting on wood, leaving the wood grain.  I'll post what happens.  :]

Lightening bugs. 

Let's hope for some MAGIC :]

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  1. hmmmmmmm...was the exhibition all you expected it to be :)