Weekend Update...

Well...Friday my friend Roger and I went to Vini- Five in One gallery to see Storytelling: live painting inspired by Grimm's Fairy tales.  First it took me about an hour to find the place, haha.  Then we were the only ones there, and they didn't open on time.  So...we decided to go to Underground Art and see our other friend Dave (David Evans) who does tattoos :]Octo
  Check out that awesome octopus he did:

Anyways- we decided to go back and check the space out.  They charged $10 to get in for a beer (which I didn't drink) and some crap art (sorry).  It was totally not what I was expecting.  I'm pretty sure that Roger and I were the only ones that paid.  haha.  We've never had to pay for an opening before.  I'm not sure what they were doing.  I didn't see anything that reminded me of Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel or Snow White.  I think they just liked the word Grimm, haha.  It was sloppy images painted onto glass and then just scraped off carelessly with a razorblade.  Was not a very good impression for a new gallery.  We'll see if I end up going back.  The advertising is great though- I loved their cards + stickers. 

Then Saturday Roger and I went to the zoo.  We saw lots of animals, flowers, drew and took pictures.  Then picked up lunch from Kwik Check (I think that's the name) Gyro + Falafel  and took it to Overton Park and drew some more.  Here's a drawing of the Lotus pond:  very pretty :]  
LotusHere's the drawing from the Butterfly Exhibit:  all my favorite flowers right now :]
FlowersAnd last but not least, the drawing from Overton Park of the trees:

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