Happy Friday...

Well, sort of.  I've been down lately.  I wish I could get outta this funk! 

"You left a lovestain on my heart
And you left a bloodstain on the ground
But blood comes off easily
But blood comes off easily."-Jose Gonzalez.

I'm hoping that lunch with a best friend will cheer me up! 

Things inspiring me this week:


*The return of the mail art book :] yay!  (I will post pics soon!)


*Remember Swell by Cynthia Rowley at Target? Well now she's back with Whim...I'm loving the pink lemons :]  I bought these cups.


*The new issue of Artful Blogging.  Haven't looked at it yet, but I'm excited about it.

*The new issue of New American Paintings- Mid-Atlantic 75.  I saw a lot of artists + paintings that I liked!


*Gus's Grown-Up Soda: 100% natural + Not too sweet :]  I had Star Ruby Grapefruit this morning.  It was really good!!!  Can't wait to try the others!


*Me + Kat are going to go shopping Sat. for some cute dresses + then go to dinner and meet the couple we are going to Bonnaroo with.

*I leave for Europe in 5 days!!! yay! 

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