Four places that I go to over and over:
  Destin, FL; Jackson,TN; to and from Collierville,TN and Germantown,TN; work :[  Memphis,TN

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
   Roger, Daniel, Stacey (chain letters at work), Dad
Four places I like to eat.
   The Java Co., Las Tortugas/Deli Mexicana, West Street Diner, Beauty Shop
Four places I would rather be right now:
   on the couch or in bed, riding my bike, painting or doing artsy things in my studio, laying by the beach under an umbrella relaxing + reading listening to the waves 
Four people I think will respond
            hmm...??? Don't know.  I only sent it to four people...Lori (she already took it), Daniel, Mom, and Kim.
Four things I couldn't survive without:
      hand sanitizer, neutrogena chapstick, the computer, my mom
Four of my favorite songs of the moment:
"West Coast"-Coconut Records, "Detleph Schremph"- Band of Horses, "Handlebars"-Flobots, "Anchor Drops" Umphrey's McGee
Four of my favorite foods:
     fried catfish + hushpuppies, blueberry cobbler (new fav-I've only had it once), breakfast foods, fish boullabaise
Four of my favorite qualities in a friend:
    Trustworthy, Honest, Goodhearted, Creative
Four things you say all the time:
wwwhhhaaattt???, seriously, geeze, I don't know/care
K) Four exotic places you've been:
all the islands in Hawaii; Paris, France; all over Italy; Ocean Springs,MS-haha j/k
Four places I'd like to go:
Thailand, Bali, Ireland, Sweden (other than the places I'm going in a week!)
Four people it would be cool to meet:
Racheal Ray, Katherine Heigl, Jake Gyllenhal, anyone who would share some great insight
Four things I value in the opposite sex:
Motivation, Lovingness, Honesty, Trust
Four traits I value about myself:
Creative, Trustworthy, Wholesomeness, Charm
Four of my favorite movies:
How to lose a guy in 10 days, Mad Love, Shag, The Notebook
Four TV shows I watch over and over:
       Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Houswives, Gossip Girl, 30 min. meals

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