Happy Friday!!! 24 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25:

  1. Have my pic taken in a *photobooth*

  2. Collect rosaries from every church I go to in Europe this summer

  3. Make something with my sewing machine (I wrote this list a while ago, and some things I've already done [I made a clutch purse + zipper bag])

  4. Paint 25 small paintings (at first they were going to be all old photos from my grandpa's album, but now I think I might not just limit it to that)

  5. 2008 MS walk for Kristen's mom

  6. Think of ideas for my own business

  7. Since I will be outta town for the Wheaten Terrier show this year, plan on doing in next year + make the plans (it's in Missouri)

  8. Learn how to mountain bike

  9. Start Running/Jogging

  10. Eat a bannana split

  11. Loose 10 pounds

  12. Have an art show

  13. Apply again to new american paintings next year

  14. Starlight film series in Seaside,FL- Fridays in June,July, + August

  15. Get a macbook laptop :] and post/blog every day of my trip this summer (3 weeks in Europe)

  16. Clean out my closet!

  17. Love me, more + more

  18. Spend one WHOLE day painting

  19. Have a picnic in the Overton park + take Vera

  20. Sign up for another swap~ Free People again maybe

  21. Fill all 64 pages in the Sketchbook Project on how to save the world (if they ever send me the book)

  22. Donate to the World Food Programme- Fill red cups!!!

  23. Go downtown and take pictures with my Diana+ lomo camera

  24. Start an Etsy shop

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I love lists!  What are some other great lists you've seen?

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  1. well, I love this... of course. :) especially rooting for number one on the list... rooting for all of them, actually. can't wait to see how your year turns out! happyhappy to you!