Ten Months


Your favorite words right now are "Mama" and "Uh Oh".  You LOVE to drop things and say "uh oh".  You also started throwing everything.  You are still obsessed with blueberries and have added raspberries to that list.  We have never seen you pass up a blueberry or throw one on the ground; You shovel them in your mouth as fast as possible.  You also really like spaghetti, meatballs, kiwi and melons.  You love to brush your teeth and cry when we take your brush away.  You hate getting your diaper changed.  You think it's so funny when I hide, pop out, and scare you.  You think your barn toy is the coolest and Mama does too (thanks Daddy!).  You got ANOTHER tooth!  You starting walking behind your ride on Dusty plane.  You love to turn out the lights (using switch and pull string).  You like to point to the lights too and trees.  You know the sound of the door and when someone comes home.  You love cars and pushing everything around.  You can stand on your own longer and I can tell by your face that you "get it".  You try to open flaps on your hide and seek books.  You won't keep your normal bibs on and throw them to the floor.  We wised up and bought the silicone ones that are hard to get off, haha.  You started school three days a week!!!  I think you are having fun (I hope) and experiencing new things.  It was hard on Mama at first, but I'm starting to come around.  You love the stroller rides, listening to organ music and playing with hats in the mirror.  The other day I picked you up and you pointed to me and said "Mama" when I put you in your car seat.  It was the sweetest!  You had your first runny nose (thanks to school or traveling?).  You had your first hotel experience in Nashville.  You did GREAT and we had lots of fun!

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