Nine Months


Everett went to the doctor and weighs 21 lb 10 oz and is 29" tall.  He's been falling asleep on his own for naps and is a great sleeper at night.  He goes to sleep between 7-8 and wakes up around the same time.  He's been taking only two naps, but sometimes he will still take 3.  He still sleeps with his owl blankie.  We got the ok to give him pretty much whatever he wants to eat.  His favorites are blueberries (I think he's going to turn into one), egg yolks, bananas, zucchini, summer squash and now cheese.  I gave him turkey, yogurt, and pasta for the first time recently.  He hates watermelon, but will eat cantaloupe!  He waves hello and goodbye.  He's crawling on all fours, but prefers his army crawl on slick floors (he's so fast!).  He loves when you kick the soccer ball against the wall.  He screams and laughs.  He also thinks hitting his mobile is the funniest thing ever.  He's pulling up on everything and walking around while holding on.  He loves his toy wind up car that his Mimi got him and all his new toys (soccer ball, record player and bucket of shapes) from Daddy.  You love doing anything you're not supposed to and think it's so funny when you get in trouble.  You started sticking your tongue out.  You have so many faces and they are all so funny!  I think it's so sweet when you place your hand on your head and play with your hair :)  You also reach your hand out and try to grab stuff that's too far out of reach.  You love to crawl and scoot your cars with you.  You've started trying to say "uh oh" when you drop things.  You can throw the ball.  When I say "where's the bird?" you know what I'm talking about and go straight to it (our headboard has a metal bird on it).  You also know where to go/look when I say "Daddy's home!".  You can stand on your own for a few seconds.  You can turn book pages back and forth on your own.  You've started pointing and you like me to tell you what everything is.  It sounds like you're saying "good" and "dog" now.  You've started babbling + singing to yourself.  It's the sweetest ♥


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