Eight Months



You are our happy, smiley, little guy and we love you so much!!!  You say "hey dada" over and over.  You say "bye bye" or "ba ba" too and the occasional "mom" or "mama".  You have crawled on all fours but you prefer your army crawl.  You are so fast trying to get away from us when you are trying to scoot down the hall or into the kitchen.  You pulled up for the first time in your pack in play.  You love pulling up and standing now.  You figured out how to sit down on your own too.  At first, you would stand and scream because you weren't sure what to do next.  You have also started holding on and trying to walk.  I got you a wooden wagon/walker that you love.  You aren't using it to walk yet but you love playing with it and banging the wooden blocks that came with it.  You've started waving :)  You love the "Hello Baby (Everett)" song that we sing during story time at the library.  You light up and smile so big.  I love when you smile and get so happy that you turn your head down and act shy.  It's the cutest!  You love bath time.  The other night you wanted out of your infant bath seat so I let you.  You went wild in the tub scooting on your tummy from one side to the next.  It made my tear up because you are getting so big and I was so happy.  I remember how much fun I always thought the bath was and being able to slide around.  We've come so far from the days when I was nervous to give you a sponge bath, haha.  You love to eat and go crazy for puffs.  You start bouncing in your chair and squealing.  I've started giving you yogurt too.  You are sleeping through the night most nights except you may wake up once because of teething :(.  Lately you've been sleeping 8pm-8:30am and I've been having to wake you up in the morning.  We're trying to get you down to 2 naps, but sometimes you take 3 (usually 12:30pm and 4:00pm).  You have 6 teeth!  You've started grinding them and it's the worst sound :P  I think you weigh around 20 lbs.  We go to the doctor soon so we will know for sure.  You fall asleep for naps on your own some days, but others we have to rock you.


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