Seven Months


The day Everett turned 7 months I felt like he turned into a toddler overnight.  He seemed less of a baby.  He gets so excited when you read to him.  He kicks his legs and makes noises every time you turn the page.  He can place the balls into the hole on his fire truck and carries them around everywhere.  He is so smart!  He's trying to talk and will say "oh", "hey" and "hi".  He LOVES to eat!  Now when he tries new foods he goes "mmmmmm" and can't wait to have another bite.  He crawls towards Vera but she always moves before he can pull her hair, haha.  He is so observant and loves looking around the room.  He's walking in his walker and bouncing up a storm in his jumper.  He's starting to have seperation anxiety and will cry if you set him down and walk away.  Ev also clings to you now when you hold him and will rest his head on your shoulder.  He likes to be rocked to sleep on his belly now and sleeps on his tummy.  He's learning the word "no" and he loves crawling everywhere he's not supposed to be.  He looks back at you and then crawls as fast as he can before he knows you are going to pick him up.  He would crawl all over the house now if we let him (time to install the baby gates).

...The other day it sounded like he said "grizzlies" and "mom".  He's been making "mama", "dada", "baba" sounds a lot lately.  He can sit in a high chair now.  He loves to grab my necklaces and try to suck on them.  He will grab your nose and claw your face up if you let him (ouch!).  He's learning the pincer grasp, picks up food and puts it to his mouth.  Loves to hold objects and twist his wrist around.  Loves the sound of his own voice and has started screaming/making sounds really loud.  Still loves to see his face in the mirror, iphone camera or in pictures.  Cries when strangers come up to him or smiles and flirts with them.  Will fall asleep on his own for some of his naps.  He is a great sleeper most nights too.   




*I write during the whole month and then post, so he actually just turned 8 months.

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