Five Months

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He's sleeping 10 hours at night in his crib.  He has started sleeping on his side and tummy.  He takes 3-4 naps during the day and still eats about every 2-4 hours.  When he takes his bottle he has been drinking a lot more (about 6 ounces)!  He is already so active.  He loves rolling around and "swimming" on his tummy.  He also loves bouncing in his Johnny Jumper.  He's trying to crawl, sit up and talk.  He has been rolling around like crazy on his play mat and always seems to find the hardwood (time to get a rug! [*we got one! haha]).  He's real interested in the tv and iphone now.  He is grabbing things like crazy and digging his finger nails into you.  He's also grabbing his feet and sucking his toes.  He still loves taking a bath and gets so excited when you take his clothes off haha; He gets mad when you put them back on too.  He has stranger anxiety now but will smile and hide his face in my chest.  He loves his blankies (owl angel dear and puppy muslin).  His favorite teether is the Mam brush, he loves playing with this book, his favorite toy is a plush ball with a toy monkey coming out of it and his favorite activity.  I gave him one of his bowls to play with and he loves that too.  He likes music and being sung to.  He has started making this funny sound "EEEEeeee" and does it over and over until he makes himself hoarse.  He has also started saying "hi" and "hey".  He can sit up on his own for a little bit until he falls over to one side (starting around 5 months & 3 weeks old).  I took him to his first book babies story time at the library.  It was so much fun!  We sang songs, read books and played with new toys.  I'm looking forward to taking him again (*we have now been 3 times).  He's been on his tummy most mornings (looking for me to open the door) and one morning he was completely sideways in his crib haha.  He is living up to his name for sure; He is brave as a wild boar or just the wild part haha.  He swings toys around and hits them back and forth.  He also stops/kicks his foot against the ground.  He is obsessed with grabbing your hair (or Zac's beard) when he's eating or falling asleep.

I write during the whole month and then post, so he actually just turned 6 months.  Updates are noted with an "*".      


And for those of you who always think he's happy...haha


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