36 Weeks

36 weeks015002019

This week we went to the doctor and started our weekly visits :)  So exciting!  I haven't gained any more weight and my blood pressure is still good.  We got a shock when we asked what the fundal height was though...39!!!  She said he could have just been positioned funny, but she told us that we would be getting an ultrasound to see how things were looking.  I had the strep b test and it was not at all as bad as I was thinking.  She also checked my cervix and I was not effaced.  Everett is head down and in position, but still up high in my ribs.  We also went over the birth plan.  The ultrasound tech said that he had a full head of hair, haha.  He was covering his face with his hands so we didn't set to see his face :(  We didn't get any pictures either.  She said we got an 8/8 and that everything looked perfect.  She said that he weighs 7 lbs 5 oz and is in the 75 percentile.  Big baby!


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  1. That looks like Shelby Farms. :) I'm determined to go horseback riding in the fall. You're glowing! Home stretch!