30 Weeks





This week I went to the doctor.  I got to hear Everett's heartbeat again :)  It was 145.  My fundal height was 33.  I also got tested for gestational diabetes.  I did the 1 hour test first and found out the next day that I failed :(  I scheduled to have the 3 hour test the next morning.  They scared me at first because they told me that they were going to draw my blood first since my last results were so high and they normally don't have to do that.  I had to wait an hour (freaking out) to find out that my results were low enought to continue with the 3 hour test.  It was pretty tough getting down the glucose drink the second time around.  The orange was way better than the fruit punch.  I have to wait until Monday to find out if I passed or not.  I hope I do, but I have a feeling I probably won't.  I'm trying to think positive though.

Baby button has been kicking and moving around like crazy.  He likes to keep his butt/feet high up under my right ribs.  We watching birth videos in our childbirth class this week and they taught us massage techniques.  Our homework was for Zac to give me 3 massages and for me give him 1.  I'm not complaining about that, haha.  I've started slowly packing my hospital bag as I think of things that I want to go in it.


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  1. praying your test come back ok and love the updates