22 Weeks

22 weeks
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Things have been busy this week since we got back from the babymoon.  I bought baby button an original Bobby Spillman painting and can't wait to hang it in his nursery.  We went to the doctor and had another ultrasound.  She wanted to look at the chambers of the heart when I was further along.  We got a SPECIAL surprise too.  I'm not sure if it was just because she was having trouble seeing the heart, but we got to see him in 3D.  It was amazing!!!  We saw him grab his foot and bring it to his mouth, haha.  We also saw him sucking his thumb.  It was so precious.  I spent most of the day staring at the print out of his mouth, head, nose, eyes, chin and hand all day.  I'm sure his looks will change but it's so neat to be able to see him in such detail and try to guess who he looks like :) 


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