17 Weeks

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This past week we have been talking a lot about boy names :)  I really like one, Zac really likes another and then we have one that we both agree on, haha.  We'll see what happens.  The rug and fabrics were delivered; they are super cute!  We have a crib that's been sitting in the middle of the room because we've been without air (too hot upstairs to put it together).  Things are started to feel very real.  I bought some dreft to wash baby clothes and fabric in.  I'm getting a list of sewing projects together and I hope to start this weekend.

We put together the crib Friday night and picked a color to paint the nursery.  My mom and I got the cutest baby boy clothes on Saturday.  I draped them over the crib and get excited every time I walk in the room :)  Tonight we went for a walk.  I keep asking Zac if people think I'm fat or pregnant, haha.  I hope the pregnant! ;)



  1. Hey, you are a beautiful mom to be and the little bump in your belly is just what it is a baby boy growing inside of you and you look pregnant with a beautiful glow so happy for u two

  2. lovely captures for your gender reveal!
    i like that you are both on the pictures too :)