16 Weeks

I'm ready for some sunny weather :)  It seems like for the past few weeks all of my pictures have been taken in the rain or cloudy skies...

16 weeks





4/8/2013: We found out the test results came back negative and we are so thankful.  I had the nurse leave a voicemail telling the sex of the baby :)  I can't wait to get home and find out with Zac!!!  Ahh...SO EXCITING!!!  We both don't care what we have as long as button is healthy, but I am ready to order fabric and start decorating.  Zac and I both think it is a boy...but I've starting thinking maybe girl haha :)

Before we know I thought I would play along with Danielle

Old Wives' Tale #1: Carrying low it's a boy, carrying high it's a girl.

I think/have heard that I'm carrying low...BOY.

Old Wives' Tale #2: Heart rate. Under 140 it's a boy, over 140 it's a girl.

This baby has been consistently in the 150s at every appointment...GIRL.

Old Wives' Tale #3: Skin and hair. Both looking good? It's a boy. Broken out and dealing with lifeless, dull hair? Girl, because apparently they "steal your beauty."

I have been very broken out but I used to be before I got on birth control so it might just be that, but I feel like my skin and hair have been pretty dull...GIRL.

Old Wives' Tale #4: Chinese Gender Chart. Not necessarily an "Old Wives' Tale" but I'll still include it. See the chart here.


Old Wives' Tale #5: Morning sickness. None, it's a boy. Sick, it's a girl.

I didn't have any morning sickness.  Just a little queasy every now and then...GIRL.

I also did the wedding band on a string test and it was...GIRL.

My sister-in-law did the pencil, needle and string test that she SWEARS works every time and it said...GIRL.

I am having a small, all girl gender reveal party for my closest friends and family...So everyone has to wait to find out until then :)  Except for Zac + I.  I already want to tell everyone and I don't even know yet.  Imagine how I will feel tonight when I know for sure!


We found out baby button is a BOY!  We are SO happy :)  I ordered fabric, rug, a crib sheet and changing pad cover the next day.  I've been dreaming up a boy nursery ever since and I can't wait to get started.  I'll share my ideas soon. 


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