New Years Day

:) #sparklers

Yum! #cinnamonroll

Finally hung our engagement + wedding pictures :) only took at least a year + a half haha #picturewall

New Years 2013 008

New Years 2013 017

New Years 2013 024

New Years 2013 026


New Years 2013 036

New Years 2013 038

New Years 2013 041

We had the best New Years Day off; It made coming back to work today really hard, haha.  We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watched the movie New Years Eve.  Since we were lazy for most of the day, I FINALLY hung our engagement + wedding pictures (I also dusted!!!) and felt pretty accomplished.  I made the best cornbread ever (maybe), greens (not the best ever) and hoppin john (my first ever).  I know when Zac likes something because he says "are you going to save that recipe?".  We played with sparklers, made s'mores and watched lots of The O.C.  I'd say we started the year off great ;)        

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