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Knitting: For the past few months I've been carrying around a knitting project with me and now that I don't have one I feel like I'm missing something, haha.  I am working on a bandanna at home but it requires total concentration and tutorials on the computer.  I have knitted a few more cowls this month, finished my first hat and a second hat.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished :)  I am dying to start a new hat with the most gorgeous yarn for myself but I need to buy some new needles first.

Watching:  I talked Zac into watching The O.C. seasons all over with me.  We have been watching them every chance we get; It's turning into an obsession.  Haha.  I LOVE some Sandy and Seth Cohen ;) 

Thinking about:  New Year's resolutions...  I'm starting my list.  I've put some really hard ones on there and I hope I can at least accomplish a few of them. 

Dreaming about:  Plans for 2013.  I'm really excited!   

Looking forward to:  Our first Memphis Urban Sketchers exhibit.  I will have a few sketches in the show.  I'm excited to see everyone's sketches up in one place next to each other.

Making me happy:  My new planner from Target.  I get pretty excited about planning, lists and being organized.  I'm looking forward to a whole new year.  

Drinking:  Cranberry juice + ginger ale :)  Yum!

Eating:  Lots of chocolate from Christmas + pumpkin pie.

What about you? What have you been up to lately? If you do your own "currently" post on your blog, link back in the comments!  I'd love to hear.

*Thanks again to Danielle + Megan for the inspiration of these posts.


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