Getting my knit on

For the past few weeks I have been obsessed with knitting and my previous quilt fever has now subsided :(  Funny how that happens ;)  Hopefully I will go back and forth once I get sick of the other.

I finished this scarflet:

Trying to finish two scarves before I start a new cowl haha #knitAnthro inspired scarflette that I finished knitting last night :) #knit #scarf

Working on finishing this scarf:

Fall & Knitting 025

Started these booties for Zac (at his request!):

Just started knitting some booties for the love of my life :) #lunchbreak #knit

Fall & Knitting 003

Bought more yarn + needles to start another cowl:

Fall & Knitting 026

Fall & Knitting 038

In my knitting bag:

Fall & Knitting 044

I've spent hours looking at Ravelry lately.  You can see my projects here.  Do you knit?  Have a Ravelry account?  I'd love to see what you are working on.


  1. You are so crafty! And I am so jealous!!

  2. Awe :)  Thanks!  Youre sweet.  Im still learning.