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Baked chocolate chip cookies using this recipe.  I used regular flour instead since I didn't feel like buying bread + cake flour.  They were pretty good but didn't stand out to be the best.  I baked some immediately and they ended up being hard.  I baked some after 24 hours and they were better.  I still have some dough left to cook so I wonder if they will be the best?

Cooked a pot roast using this recipe.  The ingredients sounded weird at first (coke, chili sauce, brown sugar and ketchup) but it was really good.  I'm excited to try it again.

Looked at our growing tomatoes.  All of them are pretty small right now.

Played with sweet Vera.

Helped with a friend's fantasy football draft because Zac was playing basketball.  I had no idea what I was doing, haha.  It was pretty nerve-racking.

Painted in the studio.  I decided to use an old book that I made as a new place to paint quickly and just to have fun.  It has really nice watercolor paper in it.

Wore comfy slippers Zac got me last Halloween.  I'm so excited that it's getting closer to Fall.  Yay!

Ate my delicious dinner :)


  1. Your painting is so cute! Plus the cookies might not taste the best, but they sure do look amazing right about now ;)

  2. Thanks so much :) The cookies were really good.