Summer of Run (and love)

Zac + I started running this summer and it has been amazing.  Amazing seems like a crazy word to describe running/cardio/exercise, but it really has improved our life.  It makes you feel good about yourself, more energized + all around HAPPY :)  Don't get me wrong, it can be really hard + frustrating some days.  We have been running in the summer heat + humidity which is an extra challenge.  I'm looking forward to running in the Fall.  We started by using the app Couch-to-5K which I would highly recommend.  It tells you when to run + walk and then gives you your mileage + minutes per mile at the end.  I stopped a few weeks short because I started training with Women Run Walk Memphis group.  I run with them one day a week now + run with Zac two other days.  I now use the app iSmoothRun to keep track of our intervals.  It also tells you so much more information like calories burned, tracks your miles you put on your shoes, weather, etc. which I LOVE.  I have never run in my life + this summer have signed up for 5 maybe 6 5Ks.  I can't wait to see how the first one goes on August 11th!  I'll let you know :)

I feel like this was my best run yet. Yay!Best run again  :) Yay!!!We got Twinkie running shoes today :) #brooksravenna3New shoes! :) I just finished WEEK 5 DAY 3 of Active.com's Couch-to-5K program going 2.03 miles at 14:43 per mile. #runTwinkies runDecided to go on a trail + loved it! It still was very hard haha + hot!!!#sunset after our runIt wasn't hot at all...nope...just a heat advisory + ozone warning #runGetting our run on #womenrunwalkmemphis#run on independence day :)There were tons of dragonflies too :)Week 2 run copyWe're all exhausted after that one, haha #run #softcoatedwheatenterrierWe did it :) #womenrunwalkmemphis intermediate green group #run #softcoatedwheatenterrierShould have gone when it was raining haha...super humid + sun was burning Just finished running before the storm #nofilter #womenrunwalkmemphisJust finished our run...the sky is so blue!#womenrunwalkmemphis week 3, day 2 done! :)

Do you run?  Do you LOVE it?  Any tips for me for my first 5K?  I'd love to hear ♥

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