My Mom's Birthday

We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend.  Zac, his mom, my mom + I had brunch at The Brushmark in the Brook's Museum of Art.  I could go just for the basket of pastries.  They were delicious!!!  I also had the caramelized brioche toast and a major sugar overdose.  Haha.

Mom's 63 birthday 002

Mom's 63 birthday 003

Mom's 63 birthday 004

After brunch we shot guns.  It was my mom's first time :)  She can cross that off her bucket list.  I think it's always fun to do something new + challenge yourself.  I used to be terrified of guns, but now that I know how they work I am much more comfortable around them.  Every time I shoot, I become less nervous.  I hate loud noises, so it has been hard for me.

Mom's 63 birthday 006

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Belated happy birthday to your mom. :)
    I've been asking my husband to take me to a shooting range. I'm a bit intimidated about shooting a gun for the first time, but think that it will be a lot of fun too.

  2. Thanks :)  The shooting ranges can be a little scary depending on who is shooting around you what they are shooting.  I went once a guy was shooting something that sounded like a bomb.  Haha.  I prefer to go on private land ;)  The more you shoot the less scary it is.  I hate the noise most of all.  I plan on taking a gun permit class soon which Im excited about.