The Bar-B-Q Shop // 100 Things to Eat in Memphis

Here's another one I marked off the list.

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Ok.  I will admit that I am not an expert here considering I probably never had ribs until the past few years.  I always thought they were too messy + why not just eat pulled BBQ?  Well here's the reason why not...

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I have been thinking about these ribs ever since I ate them.  You have to get half wet + half dry.  The dry are amazing (seriously!!!) with their topping of sugar granules + spices, but you have to have a wet one to try their yummy sauce!  They are SO TENDER.  Mmm... 

Wet + dry ribs #lunch

I can't wait to go back.   

#lunch so good!!!

Have you ever tried Memphis BBQ?  Where's your favorite place to go for ribs?


  1. my favorite place to go for ribs is central bbq. i love their dry ribs. i've never been to the bar-b-q shop, but it's on my list of places i want to go.

  2. Awesome.  Ill have to try them.  Ive only had their pulled sandwich + nachos :)

  3. Ok. So I tried Central BBQ's ribs + bbq nachos today. I was NOT a fan. I don't know if it was just a bad experience or what. I'll be blogging about it soon. You have to go to Bar-B-Q shop.