Central BBQ // 100 Things to Eat in Memphis


I hate to give a bad review because before this experience I actually liked Central BBQ, but wow it was disappointing.  In my Dad's words, "That was the worst food I've had in a long time...$40 worth of yuck!" and that pretty much sums it up.  I'm not sure why the ribs + nachos were on the list.

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The nachos barely had any meat + the few pieces that were there were dry with no flavor :(


The dry ribs were so charred on the outside + very fatty (hard to find good pieces to eat).  The mac n cheese, potato salad + greens were pretty good but nothing special.  The slaw was no good (my Dad likes vinegar/mustard based + I like mayo based + neither of us liked it).  The vinegar sauce was my favorite part + it always has been.  I think I'll be sticking to their pork sandwich if I go back.  

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Did we just go on a bad day?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I was thinking about how great The Bar-b-q Shop's ribs were the whole time I was there.  So...for sure get the pork sandwich here + ditch the ribs (SORRY! Central BBQ).  I hear the wings are really good :)  Better luck next time.


  1. what a shame. i love central bbq's dry ribs, but i've never eaten at the bar-b-q shop. i'll have to do that soon.

  2. Wow, remind me to avoid this place if I ever visit. Those ribs look seriously burnt up x

  3. There are so many great places in Memphis! Their pork sandwich is actually rated #1 I think. I hope you come some day :)

  4. Are they always so dark on the outside + fatty? I hope we just got a bad one, but the others around us looked the same :( Please tell me what you think when you go to the bar-b-q shop (I wasnt impressed with their sandwich the first time). Each BBQ place is different ;)