New Year's Day

Driving in the countryShootingZac got 4 #shootingcompetitionShooting in the #pink + #mustardyellow :) my favs

We drove to the country where Zac has some hunting land + shot guns with some friends.  We made fun targets to shoot at: clear ornaments filled with red food colored water, old glass bottles, painted dried gourds, etc.  We had a competition of who could shoot the most bottles with 7 shots.  I shot 3 the both times I tried.  It was a lot of fun :)  I got to try out my new pink ear muffs.  They canceled more noise than my older ones.  I love them :)

We went home + I made dinner:   

#newyears dinner #greens #blackeyedpeas #cornbreadsticks #countryham

Do you eat black eyed peas + greens on New Years Day for good luck?  We do :)


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! We did some archery, but that just made our arms hurt! :)

  2. That sounds like fun too. Oh our arms hurt too, haha :)

  3. This sounds like such fun, its so hard to find places like this is england! x

  4. It's all over around here :) I live in the south + there's hunting going on all around (which I don't do), but it is fun to shoot guns + if you own one I think it's important to know how to shoot one. We have shooting ranges + they have gun classes where you can get a permit to carry one.