New Hair + New Projects

I got my hair cut last night.  I've been wanting bangs for a while now, but couldn't decide if I wanted them.  I love herhair + that's where I got the inspiration to cut mine again.  Now I can wear the side bang or the full bang :)  At first I didn't like it, but I think it's growing on me.  The last time I had bangs was when I first started dating Zac + when we got engaged :) 

Side bangs vs. full bangs...hmm

I've been doing this challenge + it's been super fun!  It's neat to see what things people choose to take pictures of + how different things are around the world.  If you haven't checked out the instagram appyou should!  You can follow me @dailydoily.  Let me know if you play along + I will follow you :) 

I'm playing along! Wanna join me? #janphotoaday

I also just signed up for this e-course.  I took one of Elsie + Rachel's art journaling classes two years ago + I really enjoyed it.  I write in a journal almost every day, but I don't really take the time to "art journal" or come up with prompts.  It was very therapeutic last time + I did a lot of soul searching.  I love going back + looking at what I wrote.  I wanted to start a 52 week project too + guess what?  This one has 52 sessions!  I'd like to do 1 sketch, 1 painting + 1 art journal page a week.  It will be hard for me, but I really want to push myself this year.  I need to make more time for the things I love.  Who's with me?    



  1. Your hair looks great! And that course looks so cool! I love your goals too- I'm really trying to do one sketchbook page per week, but so far it's not going so well, oops!

  2. Thank you! Well I completed my 1 sketch, 1 painting + 1 art journal for this week :) I'm posting it soon.