So...It's that time of the year again :)  My list isn't that exciting, but here it is:

#newyearsresolutions #list #moleskine

  • Join the gym + go at least twice a week (in addition to pilates that I already go to)

  • Start a 52 week of project??? hmmm... (painting, sketch, instax...)

  • Take vitamins every day (I'm awful at this.  I take them for a few days + then stop...speaking of which, I need to take them right now)

  • Make the house allergen proof (this one is sorta silly because that will never happen, but I want to declutter + clean more to help with my allergies [I'm starting allergy shots too])

I also need to finish this list.  What are your new year's resolutions?  Do you stick to them?

Happy New Year :)


  1. Love your goals! I want to post at least one sketchbook page every week this year, completed or not!

  2. Good list, I tried the gym this year but just couldnt stick with it..
    My aims this year are all about my career, so are a bit boring really!

  3. Thanks Kate :) I say we do it. 52 Weeks of Sketchbook Pages.

  4. Thanks Charlotte. I'm going to give it a try, we'll see what happens. I just looked at your list + it's not boring at all! It sounds great :)