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It all started in 2009.

Christmas Tree + Advent Calendar 007

This year I printed a calendar to try to do the more time consuming things on the weekend + the easier things on the week days.  Plus, we had to schedule around a few things ;)

Christmas Tree + Advent Calendar 022

This year I ordered a download from Draw Pilgrim!  You're supposed to make them into match boxes, but I really just wanted to cut them + write the activity on the back + stick into the pockets of our advent calendar.  I've been using the same advent calendar since I was little.  My mom would always put hershey kisses in the pockets :)  

Christmas Tree + Advent Calendar 027

Here is a list of some of the activities we are going to do:

  • Get a tree + drink wassail

  • Decorate the tree

  • Address + mail Christmas cards

  • Make homemade ornaments

  • Make paper snowflakes

  • Go to the Macy's Christmas Department + look at all their trees + pick out a new North Pole Series house + Jim Shore ornament

  • Get peppermint ice cream

  • Play a game of chess

  • Walk Starry Nights + take Vera

  • See New Year's Eve movie

  • Fancy dress up diner with family

  • Donate

  • Make Christmas cookies

  • University of Memphis game + wear santa hat

  • Get fancy hot chocolate

  • Watch a holiday movie + make popcorn

  • Drive around looking at Christmas lights

  • Play a game

  • Cuddle + read The Night Before Christmas

  • Dress up + take pictures with old fashioned Christmas lights

Activities loaded + ready to go :) #adventcalendar

What are your holiday traditions?  Do you have a special advent calendar or activity?

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