Memphis Urban Sketchers @ Sears Crosstown Tower

Sears crosstown 

 This month we sketched at the Sears Crosstown Tower.  I've always thought the building was so interesting + it was really neat to be able to go inside.  I was pretty excited about it.  I wasn't really sure what to expect.  We went to the third floor first.  It was painted in one of my favorite colors- minty green.  The smell was so interesting...I could smell it the rest of the day.  There was dust + peeling paint everywhere.

Sears crosstownWindows

 I chose to sketch a section of the room that had some funky colors going on- minty green, yellow + red.  I liked the combination. 


Then we walked through dark hallways + stairs to the cafeteria.  It was sorta spooky.  We had an interesting playlist of music going on in the cafeteria thanks to some neighbors, haha.

Sears crosstown...cool lightsSears crosstown...cafeteria

I sketched an exit door + curtains with all kinds of mess on the ground.

exit door 

And the ceiling of the kitchen (i think).


I think I may have had more fun taking pictures than sketching :)


more pictures here.


  1. i adore the little painting and the sketch of the kitchen (maybe? lol) ceiling. neat detailing on the vent.

  2. Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog + really enjoyed it. I love mail art :) My friend + I have done it over the years + we started a book that we mail back + forth too. It's always a fun surprise receiving snail mail. Esp. art mail!

  3. oooo I wuv dis. I love the sketches you drew and this all around boho rough photography.
    Lovely Little Rants

  4. looks like such an interesting building

  5. I love all these photos! Looks like an amazing space.

  6. Someone in our sketchers group had a contact to get in.