Caramel Apples

Caramel apples for dessert :)Tough to eat!

Tonight we made caramel apples.  Zac said he was so excited to see me bring home the caramel apple kit.  He's never had one before.  I was totally shocked :)  haha.  I can't imagine that.  I have a huge sweet tooth.  When I first met Zac he didn't eat sweets at all.  I think I'm rubbing off on him...big time :)  It's no fun eating sweets alone.

Eye of the moon tonightVera

Then we took Vera for a walk + there was an eye around the moon.  So gorgeous + spooky.  I absolutely LOVE fall.  It's the best time of the year :)  Magical.


  1. oh my gosh... those look so tasty!

  2. those apples look supes good! ANd I love when the moon is cloud covered. it looks supes sweet!
    Lovely Little Rants

  3. lolol - this apple reminds me of chocolate covered strawberries. technically it looks delicious to me but most of the time i'm like...can i have the chocolate here and the strawberries separate? or the caramel licked from the pot and each the apple later?