Memphis Urban Sketchers @ Elmwood (2nd time)

This month (April) we went to Elmwood Cemetery again to sketch.  It was a beautiful, warm day :)  Great for sketching!  I walked around to find something to sketch + this caught my eye.  The epitaph said "Nannie Lucas":

Nannie sketch & stone 
Nannie tombstone apr 11 

(Pencil, Watercolor, Water soluble graphite)

For my next sketch I wanted to do an overall sketch with many tombstones:
Tombstones watercolor 

(Pencil, Watercolor)

After that, it was time to meet back up to see everyone's sketches.  It's always neat to see how others record + translate the same space you are in.

I brought my lunch + stayed for one more sketch.  I love the paired tombstones in this photo:


I decided to focus on the columns, tree + what appears to be a pile of books:
Tree and stone sketch background 
Tree and stone sketch 
(micron pen, derwent inktense pencil, watercolor)

My last sketch was my favorite :)  I'm glad I decided to stay + found a nice spot in the shade.


  1. Boy do we have stuff in common...Our mates look somewhat alike, and I am forever going through graveyards with him, as he is a well known, in this area especially, genealogist, and military historian. I am an artist as well~:-) Really cute pics of you two.

  2. Thanks Sheri :) I'll have to check out your blog. I looked at it for a minute & liked what I saw. Great art!