Delta Fair

Last Friday Zac + I went to the fair.  It was still pretty hot :(  I love the fair when you have to wear a sweatshirt + it's a chilly, crisp, fall night.  Oh well!  Here's some pics we took:

Zac & I Fair 2010 003 2Zac & I Fair 2010 011 copy polaroidZac & I Fair 2010 013 copyZac & I Fair 2010 015 2Zac & I Fair 2010 025 copy coolZac & I Fair 2010 026 copy polaroid BW

We rode the crazy mouse rollercoaster + the ferris wheel.  We ate a pronto pup, chicken on a stick, frozen lemonade + fried oreos.  I was awesome at the balloon + dart game.  I won a pink pig, hahaha.  We even went through the petting zoo.  We had fun :)

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