Zac's 27th Birthday

Zac + Vera in our river hats :)  So cute, haha:

June 014

I made Zac a cake on Sunday (the day before his birthday).  It was supposed to be a two layer cake, but the first layer crumbled when I was trying to take it out :(  We ate the crumbled one + saved the other layer for his birthday.  It was a fresh crushed strawberry cake with fresh crushed strawberry icing + it was AMAZING!!!  Here's the recipe.


On his birthday, he opened one of my gifts before work.  It was a National Park Quarters Folder- P&D Mints + the first set of quarters- Hot Springs National Park Quater P & D mints uncirculated.  I was hoping he hadn't heard of them yet + he hadn't, so I was excited!!!  He was excited too :)  He likes collecting coins.  I told him we would have to go to all the national parks :)  We went to Mount Hood this past winter, so we can check that off the list!

After work,  he opened my mom + I's cards + my other present to him- a benchmade REI limited edition pocket knife.  Then we met PHouse, Harte, Cox + Porter at El Mezcal in the 104 for dinner.


After dinner, we went to the deli to shoot pool.  I haven't played in so long!!!  I was a little rusty, but then I started playing better :)  We had fun :)


When we got home, I lit the sparkler candles + sung him happy birthday :) 

June 016

Then we ate cake :)

June 026 

I think it was a fun birthday + it was my first to celebrate with him.  He told me I was the best birthday present ever :) awe♥

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