Ft. Lauderdale Trip2

I've been slacking on my posting lately.  I've been super busy + I don't see it stopping for a WHILE!

-May 27-

  • stressing out a work + rushing around trying to get things done before our trip

  • got to the airport + realized I didn't have my cell phone + freaked out

  • boarded the plane +  waited almost an hour to take off!!!

  • almost missed our flight to FTL

  • no refreshments served on the plane (that was a first!)

  • hauled ass to the next gate, grabbed water & crackers, boarded

  • finally landed around 10:20pm

  • d + s picked us up

  • picked up pizza to go

  • ate + went to bed exhausted

-May 28-

  • woke up early!!!

  • got ready + went to South Beach (very unimpressed)

  • z + d golfed, s + i shopped

  • got an offer for $20 for a "bj"

  • shocked

  • horrible breakfast of plain yogurt + white pineapple (gross + expensive)

  • my phone was found at work...had it overnighted

  • walked 18 blocks through sketchiness... felt like i was no longer in america

  • i was burning up, feet getting blisters + legs sore

  • z + d found us on a corner + picked us up

  • lunch @ Soyka in Miami

  • put on swimsuits + sat by the pool

  • went to the Marlins vs. Phillies game

  • all you can eat hotdogs, nachos, popcorn + peanuts

  • fiesta friday- everything translated into spanish


-May 29-

  • miscommunication

  • d, s, z + i had brunch at The Floridian

  • z + i went to Easterlin Park to play disc golf

  • we had so much fun + only one other couple (with a baby) was playing

  • lost my new disc :(  i had painted the cutest hot pink doily on it too

  • saw lots of lizards, two bunnies + two butterflies playing

  • nice weather + a breeze

  • shopped at Utrecht art store + BC surf store (we went last time too) ♥favorites♥

  • no package with phone (realized I would go home without it too)

  • d + s were at the beach when we got home

  • z + i danced + got in the pool

  • dinner @ italian place on Las Olas...really good!

  • hazelnut gelato for dessert

  • z ordered fight + i went to bed

DSC02241 DSC02246 DSC02260 DSC02265 DSC02269

-May  30-

  • s woke us up + told us we had bagels in the kitchen + that the boat was leaving in 30 min.

  • got up, ate + rushed on the boat

  • rode around the canal for a few hours

  • z + i shopped on Las Olas (looked for a charm, but didn't find one we liked)

  • had mango-ladas + spiked lemonade at Mango's + some fish dip + fruit

  • swam in the pool again

  • noticed i was sunburned

  • took showers + i took a nice nap :)

  • dinner @ T-Mex in downtown FTL

  • walked by the river

  • went back to the house + watched the movie Edge of Darkness

  • went to bed

Ft. Lauderdale Trip2 003 Ft. Lauderdale Trip2 006 Ft. Lauderdale Trip2 011 Ft. Lauderdale Trip2 009

-May 31-

  • mc donald's for breakfast

  • packed

  • hung out around the house

  • drove by the beach to see how crowded it was

  • lunch @ Five Guys Burgers

  • got our luggage + went to the airport

  • nonstop flight to Memphis (thank goodness!!!)

  • told zac goodbye :( 

  • no cell phone still, so i had to use the landline (not portable) for the rest of the night- yikes!

  • someone broke into the condo a few down from mine so i was freaking out

  • didn't fall asleep until midnight + then woke up every hour!

  • vera was a good snuggler! (i missed her so much!)



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  1. Great photos! Glad that you & Zac are having so much fun & going to lots of great places. Tell Zac's Dad that I will take his place in Ft. Lauderdale if he gets tired of it:)