3 outta 5 ain't bad

This weekend I:

Put a paintbrush w/ watercolor to paper-  I sat in the studio, held the paintbrush in my hand & felt watercolor paper on my wrist, but I didn't know where to start.  Seems odd huh?  I started painting the same way I was a year ago + it just seemed boring/uninspired.  I'm ready for a new subject/way of working I think or maybe I just need to spend more time in the studio (which I'm sure is the case!)  I'm thinking about working from a photograph or from life to change things up + get back into the groove.

• Work out- Saturday Z + I went to the centre.  I walked on the treadmill at an incline until my heels hurt so bad I HAD to stop.  I was wearing some new shoes + they cut up my heel :(  So then I decided to try some "get ready to snowboard" exercises (Z+I are going snowboarding in Mt. Hood Feb. 11th& 12th)  Then I finished by riding the bike.

Snuggle-  Of course I did this :)  haha.  Z + I find time for that always.  I love just spending quality time with him at home: watching "our" shows, playing games, reading in bed, etc.

This weekend I did NOT:

• Make a TTV Contraption + Take Pictures

• Ride my bike

There's always next weekend right???

It always seems like there's not enough time to finish my lists I create for myself.  I now have a "clean house" list started too.  Ahh.


I'm off to workout + make a healthy dinner with Zac.  I didn't lose any weight last week.  I wasn't strict with diet or exercise. 

P.S. Z + I are going to Portland + that's where we will be celebrating Valentine's Day!!!  I'm so excited.  I'm making so many lists of fun things to do while we are there.  Yay!

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