Music in the air

One night we [Z+I] were driving home from class + I heard this beautiful woman's voice...I looked it up the next day + found out it was Amy LaVere.  Anyways- She played here [Levitt Shell] last Thurs. night.  Zac, Cox + I went.  Michael joined too.  The Juke Joint Duo played first, then Amy + then Lucero.

IMG_0650 copy


I think it's really cool that they decided to renovate the shell.  How sad if it had been demolished.  It's where Elvis first played on stage!  Crazy!!!  I've always loved it.  I thought it would be cool to have done a photo shoot there before they redid it:


I sat on the blanket listening to Amy's voice + thought about how perfect that moment was.  How special + exciting life can be if you seek it.  There was definitely some *magic* in that night.

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