Is the weekend really over?

Friday night the kittens + the cougars (hehe) had dinner @ Pacific Rim.  I had the best martini- grape fizz...mmm...We (all 3 of us) RARELY ever get to hang out!  I ♥ my girls!!!


  • 3 kittens + 2 cougars

  • one purple fizz martini

  • 2 white mochatini martinis (me + kate)

  • sunny side up roll (ick!!!)

  • xlerator hand dryer haha (kristen + I can always get a kick outta these)

  • Kim Kardashian pose lesson taught by kate

Copy of DSC01602

then we decided to go to Celtic Crossing...

  • "she's driving like that chick on the 40 year old virgin"- kate..."did she really just almost throw my business cd out the window"- kristen..."she almost just swerved into me!"-me
  • 1 ex-boyfriend siting & later I got asked if I was engaged or married to him (haha!)

  • 5 free shots from DJ (we were totally confused + thought he was the dj haha!!!)

  • 1, "he can dance like a m*****f*****"-kate, gay(?)Spaniard (hehe)

  • DSC01616 

    • Michelob Ultra in lieu of Corona Light

    • hot suit pants + unwashed hair b/c I didn't know we were going out

    • viewing of kate's infamous booty dancing :]

    • danced to "pretty young thing" at least twice (luv that song)

    • too many tequila shots

    • 2 pouty face poses


    Saturday I had lunch with Travis, my old studio roomy, after I FINALLY started feeling SOMEWHAT better.  Then I went makeup + craft supply shopping.  Fun stuff!  Felt sick most of the day + went to bed EARLY!!!

    Sunday I cleaned a LITTLE, did laundry + sewed SOME.  Then Kristen came over + we went to Bath + Body Works + the antique mall:

    •  kitchen, deep cleansing, fresh lime basil soap...mmm...smelled so good

    • gentle foaming soap- Rainkissed leaves :]

    • 1 jar of buttons (some of my favorites EVER):

    DSC01640 copy 

    • lots of crocheted doilies...hmm...which one to choose for the class? I'm thinking the blue one...i love the black, yellow + green one but it's too small i think :'(

    DSC01636 copy 

    • I told Kristen I look for this book every time I go in to antique malls + guess WHAT?  She found it.  Thanks sweetie :] (I collect Alice in Wonderland books, it's my *fav*)


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