I hope everyone had a Happy 4th!

I got off early Friday which was a pleasant surprise.  Kristen, Michael + I hung out at the house and quizzed each other:


(note: Michael reading Cosmo + drinking Corona Light...Kristen reading Men's Health + drinking red wine...yep, I love them!!!) [jaguar in the back, hehe]

  • Friday we left before the jaguar party started, picked up Josh + went to dinner @ Ciao Bella.  The lady that sat behind us had her back turned the whole time + was staring at us.  I swear she really wanted to join our table, loved my interesting conversation or was offended by  my potty mouth, haha :] Either way it was ridiculous!!!  We crashed the jaguar party, talked girl talk + I had the best chocolate martini.  Best quotes??? "At first I was scared + thought it looks like an elephant trunk sorta...or a turtle head..."  "Have you ever eaten at Humdinger's?...hum on ur dinger...haha" Yeah, ok we're a little silly + easily amused.
  • Saturday Kristen + I made the hottest bloody mary's "if you like it hot, i'm your girl" haha + watched the three hour THS: Michael Jackson + layed around all day.  That night we watched fireworks in the pool.  Kristen + I teeter-tottered in the smallest intertube, haha.  I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time!  I also did a back dive which I thought I would never do again.  I even got a flasheroo of a dijerydoo, haha!!!  Kristen + I tried to make martinis, but something went VERY wrong.  Ick!  I don't know why I didn't take pictures of any of this :(

  • Sunday I picked up Kristen + we went to the awesome redone Kroger.  She wanted to make homemade guacamole.  It was really good, but so hot! (go figure, hehe).  We all ate Commissary BBQ, drank the BEST piña coladas + watched Slumdog Millionare.  They loved it, but not me.  I like movies that make you feel good in the end + this one didn't do that for me.  It was a great story about destiny though.



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