Do I really have to wake up?

Friday night Zac + I went to dinner + a movie.  We saw The Ugly Truth.  It was better than we thought considering the paper here gave it 1 star.  Haha.  I love Katherine Heigl.  Great date :] + I still have moving picking rights :] haha.  I saw this movie preview + thought it looks really good:

Saturday mom + I got facials + massages :]  Then we had dinner @ Chez Philippe:

DSC01775 DSC01783 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved playing + exploring around in The Peabody.  The phones are fun :] haha...

DSC01798 DSC01807

The trailer for Alice in Wonderland is out!!!  Can't wait to see these movies too:

Kristen told me about this one...I almost cried watching the preview haha :']

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