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Day 3: Prompt 1: Journal about a song (right page):


I still need to do the journaling...I'm thinking about journaling "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds or "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison?!?!

Day 3: Prompt 2: Lyric. Journal. Lyric. (left page) + Day 4: Prompt 1: Music video inspiration (right page):


(left page) I journaled lyrics from Dave Matthews Band "Big Whiskey + GrooGrux King".  It has some of my favorite lyrics of all time.  Best cd of the summer (i think).  (right page) I have not journaled it yet...I am going to journal "Trouble is a Friend" by Lenka.

Day 5: Prompt 1 + 2: Nonlyrical Music + Random Lyric Interjection:


(left) I am going to journal about the way "January Rain" by David Gray makes me feel..."Last Dance" by Sarah Mclaughlin would have been good to do too.  (right) not sure what I'm going to do about this one...probably My Morning Jacket + Vampire Weekend b/c my friend Katherine + I always reference their lyrics in e-mails + talking.  Just the other day she RANDOMLY text me: Katherine: "Guess who's gotta new face?"  Me: "Blake?!?!" haha :) [SORRY for those who have no idea what I'm talking about!!!]  I love that girl!!!

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